Video and code from my Build talk on Sharing Code between Platforms

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Last week I had another incredible time at Microsoft’s annual Build conference. This year was particularly exciting for me, as I was invited to speak about some real-world experience on Building Apps for both Windows and Windows Phone.

This talk is all about cutting to the chase: cross-platform development is challenging. It’s also increasingly a reality we must accept, embrace, and learn to take advantage of. By demonstrating a “real-world” app designed for Windows and Windows Phone, you will learn six battle-tested techniques for maximizing both code and skill reuse between multiple platforms.

Get the code

If you enjoyed the talk and would like to check out the code for the Real-world Stocks apps that were built on stage, use the following Github link:



This was my first talk at a major conference. It’s funny watching yourself on video for the first time; you certainly observe some habits to work on. I quickly realized that I was pacing a lot in the beginning, but thankfully my clicker started to die early on which virtually tethered me to the podium!

That said, any other feedback on the presentation would be greatly appreciated! Was the pace ok? I’ve already received feedback that I was both too fast, and too slow, so this will definitely vary depending on one’s own comfort level with the technologies discussed, but I’d love any additional comments.

Thanks for watching!



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