BusTrack Windows Phone 7 App

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Quite a bit has changed since June! The app is now called Bus Watch Chicago and is live on the marketplace. If you’ve got a windows phone please check it out! (You need the Zune client software installed for the link to work)



Below is a preview of my Windows Phone 7 app used for real-time tracking of Chicago buses.

This app will make sure you never miss a bus, and perhaps more importantly, will make sure you know the best time to leave your house or office so you don’t end up standing and waiting at the bus stop for a ridiculous amount of time.

It takes full advantage of the Bing Maps Silverlight control to plot out exact GPS locations of buses and stops, making sure you always know the optimal time to leave.

BusTrack can even group your most frequent stops together by a “location” so you don’t have to bounce in and out of different routes that you might want take to your destination.

Rather than listing out all of the features, please have a look at the video below.

Today Chicago… tomorrow, the world!

(I plan on exploring other bus services around the country/world, to make sure BusTrack can integrate with them too!)



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