New blog skin is live

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I finally buckled down and created a new blog skin. As of Oct. 24th everyone should be seeing the new Metro blog theme. Heavily inspired by the Zune client and the Metro XAML template. It should be a little more modern and roomy now.

Oh I also updated to Disqus for comments, really like the features it offers so far. Hopefully will get the old comments imported into Disqus soon.

If you find any problems please let me know!

I recently upgraded my web host and some IPs have changed. Sometime in the next 24 hours this blog is going to switch over to the new server, where I have upgraded to Subtext 2.5. It turns out my previous skin wasn’t compatible with 2.5 so I have reverted to this one for now.

It should work out for the best in the end, since I really want to start on a modern metro-styled blog theme anyway


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