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DoddleReport automatically generates tabular reports from any IEnumerable datasource. Out of the box it can render reports to Excel, PDF, HTML, and CSV – fully pluggable of course. I designed the project to provide reporting output over the LINQ queries we had already written for the application, but maybe you can find other uses for it.


So what does it generate?

Excel Report

  • Automatic Sticky/Frozen Headers stay at the top when scrolling through the data
  • See it live!




PDF Report

  • Automatically repeat title, column headers, and page numbers on every page
  • See it live!

HTML Report



Basic Usage

// Get the data for the report (any IEnumerable will work)
var query = ProductRepository.GetAll();
var totalProducts = query.Count;
var totalOrders = query.Sum(p => p.OrderCount);

// Create the report and turn our query into a ReportSource
var report = new Report(query.ToReportSource());

// Customize the Text Fields
report.TextFields.Title = "Products Report";
report.TextFields.SubTitle = "This is a sample Doddle Report";
report.TextFields.Footer = "Copyright 2011 © The Doddle Project";


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