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This blog is quiet… too quiet.

It’s been a busy couple of months since starting at Clarity in January. PowerPoint, for better or worse, became my after-hours IDE. Below you will find some of the recent talks accompanied by their slides and code. Hopefully I didn’t forget anything, but please shoot me a comment if I did!


Apr 5 – 6, 2012

WindyCityGo is a two-day conference in Chicago that covers all things mobile.

This year they added Windows Phone to their lineup and I was invited to speak on “Real World Windows Phone Development.” My talk covered an intro to metro and supports my tutorial series on building a polished Stocks app for windows phone.

And now that my speaking gigs are winding down I can finally get back to that series!



Windows 8 Anchor at Navy Pier

Apr 26, 2012

This event was put on by Microsoft to help get our excellent mid-west developers ready for Windows 8.

Since Clarity had been using the consumer preview tools to build a few metro-style apps already, Erik Klimczak and I were invited to talk about “Windows 8 from the Trenches.” We really wanted to cover our experience from three perspectives: business, design, and development.

Overall this was a very exciting event with nearly 400 people eager to see what’s coming with windows 8 and this new metro design language.




May 4, 2012

StirTrek is one of the coolest conferences I’ve been to so far. My buddy Clark Sell and I flew out to Columbus for the one-day event that takes place at a movie theater. This was StirTrek’s fourth year and they impressively sold out 1,000 tickets in under 10 minutes.

My talk was on “WinJS for C# Developers” where I gave a crash course into JavaScript development from a C# perspective. I ended up building a Stocks app on stage, on one of the worst market days in recent memory. It always makes for a good demo to show people how much money they are losing!

That said, thankfully I did not have to compete with Scott Hansleman in my time slot. My condolences for those who did!





Aug 13 – 15, 2012

This one is coming up soon and I’m really pumped for it. Be sure to check it out, registration should open soon!

Spend 3 days, with 1000 of your fellow campers in 125 sessions geeking out on everything Mobile, Web and Cloud at a giant waterpark.

With over 125 sessions to choose from, your head will eventually start to overheat. Cool off in one of the many nearby pools, because unlike your traditional technology conference, you will be camping at a giant indoor waterpark. Be sure to follow us on twitter and check us out on facebook. Then start practicing your cannon balls.



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